GETIT™ SimuDrive

The SimuDrive tool developed by GETEC is mainly used for:

  • Fuel consumption simulation (NEDC/WLTC cycle etc.)
  • Performance simulation
  • Acceleration behavior
  • Re-acceleration behavior
  • Simulation of driving behavior
  • Acceleration (from standstill)
  • Acceleration (from a standing start)
  • Saw Tooth & Tip in(Busy shift check)
  • Real road cycle (e.g. typical driving cycle of RLD)
  • Generation and optimization of shift maps
  • ECO shift map/Sport shift map
  • Checking and optimizing the pedal characteristic

SimuDrive consists of three modules:

  1. Input data interface
  2. Interface for calibration tools
  3. Interface for evaluation

The results from SimuDrive are used as a basis for the detailed vehicle calibration. Experience has shown that the results should be implemented into the vehicle to achieve good status and meet the main goal of desktop calibration.

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