GETIT™ RatioLyzer

The GETIT™ RatioLyzer tool was developed to aid in gear ratio design. Gear ratio spread has a crucial impact on a vehicle’s dynamic and economical performance, which are the most fundamental and important characteristics of vehicles.

The GETIT™ RatioLyzer is suitable both for conventional vehicles with combustion engines and for various types of hybrid concepts. With the help of the tool, the engineer can make the selection of the ratio taking into account multidimensional requirements, e.g. B. Top speed, gradeability, acceleration, fuel consumption, manoeuvrability, homogeneity of the ratio…

The RatioLyzer tool supports the engineer:

  • Research & definition of the ideal ratio for ICE/ Hybrid/ EV, depending on
  • Performance requirement
  • Efficient adjustment rate
  • Avoid potential NVH risks
  • Check the workable ratio in the target applicatiON

The tool offers a flexible layout, visualized curves and data, and comparable results to ensure the high efficiency of the engineers.

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