GETEC provides a variety of tools in the field of vehicle engineering.

The right tools can greatly provide development efficiency and significantly reduce development costs. GETIT™  is the name of our series of tools developed by the GETEC team. Applied to development, it can be optimized at the stage of product development from the initial concept stage to mass production, etc. to make product design more in line with market demand and improve product performance.



The SimuDrive tool developed by GETEC is mainly used for:

  • Fuel consumption simulation(NEDC/WLTC cycle etc.)
  • Performance simulation
    • Acceleration performance
    • Re-acceleration performance
  • Drivability simulation
    • Acceleration(from standstill)
    • Acceleration(from constant)
    • Saw Tooth &Tip in(Busy shift check)
    • Real Road Cycle(eg. Typical drive cycle from RLD)
    • Generating and optimizing shift map
  • ECO shift map/Sport shift map
  • Pedal map checking and optimizing

SimuDrive consists of three modules:

  • Input data interface
  • Calibration tools interface
  • Evaluation Interface

The results from SimuDrive will be used as a base shift map for vehicle detailed calibration. From experience, the results implemented to the vehicle could achieve a good status and fulfill the main target of the desktop calibration.


The GETIT™ RatioLyzer tool is developed to support gear ratio design. The transmission ratio spread is a key impact on a vehicle’s dynamic and economic performance, which are the most fundamental and important character of vehicles.

The GETIT™ RatioLyzer is applicable to both traditional combustion engine vehicles and various types of hybrid layout. By using the tool, the engineer could consider the ratio selection on multi-dimension requirements, e.g. top velocity, climb ability, acceleration, fuel economy, maneuverability, ratio layout homogeneity.

RatioLyzer Tool is supporting engineer:

  • Research & define the ideal ratio for ICE/ hybrid/ EV, according to
    • Performance requirement
    • Efficient matching rate
    • Avoid potential NVH risks
  • Review the practicable ratio in the target application

The tool provides a flexible layout, visualized curve & data, comparable results to ensure the high efficiency of engineers.


The  GETIT™ DecodeIT tool is specially developed to provide a fast, efficient and easy-to-use way to generate the CAN dbc file for any state-of-the-art vehicle CAN network. Studying the vehicle CAN data allows development teams to provide objective data that define the vehicle’s Shift Quality, Drivability, Performance and Fuel Economy.

DecodeIt has the below Functions

  • Flexible to calibrate the trace into signals and real-time visible signal curves based on selected bits and different signal parameter configurations.
  • Scalable chart
  • Support multiple-line display
  • Support double axis
  • Support customized line attributes e.g. color, and width, shown on the left/right axis
  • Support defined Signal Viewer function
  • Signals valid warning
  • One key generation(.dbc file)
  • Support dbc import → Cross-working from different users

DecodeIt FlexRay Option is also available.

DecodeIt - User Interface

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