GETEC’s Insights in BMWiX series

CANDecode is very important and necessary for successful vehicle benchmarking to measure relevant CAN or FlexRay Signals. GETEC is an experienced expert in deciphering these signals. Therefore, GETEC is using its own developed Tool DecodeIT. Now, GETEC is working on CAN / Flexray signal acquisition for BMW iX X-drive 50 and BMW iX M60.

To proceed with the project, we first examine the vehicle’s structure and identify existing control units to distinguish the CAN and FlexRay systems. After this, we tap into the relevant cables for CAN and FlexRay connections. Next, we measure and record driving maneuvers, using GETEC DecodeIT for analysis. Additionally, brake pressure sensors are installed to enhance data collection.

Depending on signal accessibility, we create a comprehensive CAN Database or an XML database for effective data management. Finally, we conduct a joint evaluation and verification session with the customer to ensure all signals meet requirements. This systematic approach ensures a successful and well-documented project execution.

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