2022 Aachen kolloquium: Testing the drive of tomorrow in the era of e-mobility from GETEC

Dear Friends,

GETEC will be glad to meet you at the 2022 ACK. Mr. Joachim Trumpff, General Manager of GETEC will present: Testing the drive of tomorrow in the era of e-mobility.

Event: ACK Germany
Date: 10-12.Oct. 2022
Speaker: Mr. Joachim Trumpff
Venue and time: Europa, 12:00-12:30, 12. Oct. 2022

You can find below the key points from the great speech.

Testing the drive of tomorrow is the challenge that we are facing on the test fields today. Reliable products for e-mobility require high-end testing.

The speech will give an overview of the different drivetrain configurations which are possible due to e-mobility. The possibilities are Hybrid, DHT, Plug-In Hybrids and DHTs as well as pure EVs. Especially the pure EVs are using the potential of e-mobility in many different facets: Combining e-axles on the front and rear axle, coaxial drives, dry sump configurations, torque vectoring with two e-motors on the rear axle, extremely high speeds, and much more.

All these various properties require a lot of different configurations for today’s test benches. The possible bench configurations will be described within this speech. 1-Dyno for e-motor testing, 2-Dyno for e-Axle testing, and 3-Dyno for reducer transmission testing. Beside high-speed dynos, battery simulation systems, and water, and oil conditioning, also the vibrations have to be considered. Therefore, new high-tech polymer concrete frames are developed, installed, and tested in GETEC. Calculation and analysis will be introduced within this speech.

Reduced center distances and coaxial drives are challenging the testing as well as extreme requirements on the torque of the dynos or the power supply from vehicle energy systems (VES). There is an approach of parallelization from VES. Necessary steps for this approach will be described.

For testing itself, test programs must be developed. Modifying existing programs based on experience is one solution. Regarding this topic there will be differences between combustion engine driven vehicles and EV discussed. Road load data will show which parts of the 4 quadrants from E-motor must be tested completely and which parts could be shortened for an efficient test cycle.

Summarizing the speech, in the end, will lead to the outlook and potential to upgrade existing test facilities to be up to date for the future.


Looking forward to meeting you at 2022 ACK!

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