In 2020 we carried out an in-depth benchmarking, an evaluation of the drivability and the driving data of the Audi eTron 55 in Aldenhoven. In order to gain deep insights into the vehicle control, GETEC has decrypted the vehicle network (CAN, FlexRay & UDS) and installed additional sensors. The evaluation was carried out objectively by GETEC’s engineers.

The focus of the assessment is on the control of the powertrain system, which includes the vehicle control unit (VCU), the motor control units of the two axles (MCU) and the battery management system (BMS), which works together with ABS/ESP and other control units. The VCU is responsible for torque management of the two axles, energy management including thermal control and power management including switching the high voltage on and off. The two MCUs regulate the motor current based on the torque demand from the VCU and provide feedback to the VCU on the actual torque and capacity. The ABS system determines the torque required when braking with mechanical brakes and with electric motors (recuperation). The ESP supplements the dynamic vehicle control with functions such as braking torque vectoring.

GETEC is looking forward to the follow-up benchmark of the Audi eTron S with 3 electric motors, which is to be carried out in 2021.

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