Ceremonial opening at the Emil-Mayrisch industrial park in Aldenhoven

On 07.07.2017 celebrated the Getec Getriebe Technik GmbH and

GTSystem GmbH solemnly opened in the industrial park Emil-Mayrisch in Aldenhoven in front of 150 invited guests, among them Mr. Mayor Ralf Claßen and as representative of Mr. District Administrator Wolfgang Spelthahn, Mrs. Anette Winkler.

Mr. Sven Steinwascher, who lives in China since 2010, explained in a diversified lecture the main topics of GETEC Getriebe Technik GmbH. His team has the greatest experience in the development of double clutch drives. But also in the transmission control software development or in the integration of transmissions in vehicles the highest complex knowledge is necessary, which GETEC Getriebe Technik GmbH has. The analytical determination of damage-relevant test bench test cycles from different road profiles and different customer driving styles in different markets is a core know-how of Getec Getriebe Technik GmbH.

Mr. Dieter Apold, Managing Director of GTSystem GmbH, gave a vivid presentation of his business model. Complex test benches (for hybrid-driven, purely electric-driven or internal combustion engine-driven powertrains) are increasingly replacing the complex, expensive and dangerous test work on the complete vehicle. However, the final endurance run relevant for release as confirmation of the results of the test bench tests is usually completed in the vehicle between 160,000 km and 240,000 km (depending on the customer). GTSystem GmbH has already established itself as a global player in the development of such test benches. The employees have gained years of experience in operating entire test benches. Thus, the customer can be sure that GTSystem GmbH not only understands the test bench, but also the customer’s products that are to be “martyred” on these test benches. In conclusion to his presentation, the guests were able to witness live how, when accelerating from idle to 100 km/h, the transmission shifts up fully automatically from 1st to 7th gear, and after demonstrating a kick-down downshift at 80 km/h, accelerates again from 7th gear to 4th gear to 120 km/h, and then returns to its initial state in shift mode with brake deceleration.

Both Mr. Claßen and Ms. Winkler were delighted that the work to promote the Emil-Mayrisch industrial park is finally bearing fruit. Both are sure that the settlement of Getec Getriebe Technik GmbH and GTSystem GmbH as a crystallization point will attract further high-tech companies. At the same time they offered any further help.

Both companies have historically close relations with China. Therefore both companies have corresponding subsidiaries in Suzhou, 1 h west of Shanghai. Since China is not only the largest car market, but has also established itself as the largest car producer, we see the greatest future prospects here for combining German engineering skills with Chinese innovative strength. German know-how has a unique status in China. Both companies employ 40 people at the Aldenhoven site and already 60 in China. Thanks to the large plot of land (18,800 m²), growth is already being prepared in Aldenhoven. For example, it is already planned to put a roller test stand into operation at the turn of the year. The great experience of the employees in the field of transmission development and in the development of complex powertrain test rigs makes the owners think about expanding the business model into new areas.

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